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Nursing Professionals are crucial pillars of a hospital. The concepts of medical subjects are very important for them. Keeping in view that some students has problem in understanding English, every video is given in Hindi, English mix language so that every student can understand concepts easily.

Preeti Tyagi (MBBS, MD), launched PHYSIOLOGY video lectures in Turning Brain. Other subjects will be launched soon.

The difference lies in the clarity of their concepts.

  • Our Video Lectures for Nursing are made by keeping in mind the actual requirement of paramedical students.
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  • Lectures are given in a unique and simple way in HINDI/ENGLISH MIX LANGUAGE so that everybody can be a master
  • Explanation of subject in very easy way
  • We kept in mind their examination requirement
  • MCQ Practice session
  • Question bank of last year exam papers and expected important questions from each unit of subject
  • PHYSIOLOGY LECTURE VIDEOS and other all material available on App
  • Physiology is very important subject in first year of Nursing course. It includes functions of different organ system of body.
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